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Introducing Baqaala.

Doha’s best and most reliable grocery delivery app.

Baqaala is an ultra-convenient Doha grocery delivery service that’s setting new standards of excellence in customer service.


We bring fresh groceries, fresh fish & meat from stores to your door, making shopping in Doha a quick and hassle-free experience.


Whether it’s your weekly grocery shopping , or a couple of items that you need like milk, eggs, fruits, vegetables,fresh fish, meat, water.. etc , Baqaala will deliver.

Forget queues, or spending ages finding somewhere to park. All you need for grocery and other daily essentials delivery in Doha is the Baqaala app on your mobile phone.

How To Get Your Groceries Delivered Fast By Baqaala

1st - Download our app. It won’t take long.



2nd – Choose a store (Grocery, Fish, Meat, Fresh fruits & Vegetables, Spices Nuts & dried fruits etc )


3rd  - Pick items and confirm the order


4th – Sit back, relax and wait for a knock at your door.

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Home Milk Delivery

Experience Convenience 

  • The next time you need groceries, fresh seafood or meat, Fresh fruits and vegetables, Spices Nuts and dried fruits delivered to your home conveniently 

  • Don’t get in the car

  • Don’t make a call

  • SIMPLY TAP THE BAQAALA APP, the best online Grocery in Doha Qatar

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