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INTRODUCING BAQAALA FISH STORE - Online Fish Store in Doha, Qatar

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

When it comes to being healthy, consumption of seafood or fish in particular is one among the top list on diet guides. Fish is a wonderful source of important nutrients, such as high-quality protein and vitamin D. It is also a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are extremely important for your body and brain. To name some of its benefits includes vision protection and improved mental health in old age.

Qatar, being one of the fastest growing country in the world, it is undeniably busy and it’s really hard to travel from a place to a fish market to ensure the freshness and quality of fish to be served in every family’s table. We’ve come up with an online fish market to offer you a fresh fish delivery to avoid further inconvenience.

What is BAQAALA Fish Store?

BAQAALA is an existing grocery delivery service that brings fresh groceries from store to your door, known to be super-fast, reliable, ultra-convenient and excellent in customer service.

Recently, BAQAALA added fresh fish delivery to our list of online shopping. After checking several local fish vendors in terms of quality, we carefully curated and tied up with only the best ones. We offer over 30 varieties of fresh and salt water fish which can be ordered through our app.

Why should you order from us?


We only deliver from the daily fresh stock which comes from the market. We make sure that the fish is of great quality and safe for consumption from a cautiously selected fish vendor.


Who finds cleaning fish a difficult task? Need not to worry as according to customer requirement, there is an option on the app to clean and cut fishes which is usually being refused by malls and other stores. For the reason that customer’s health is important to us, cleaning service is of the highest standard and absolutely free of charge.


In a rare case where the quality of the fish is not to customer satisfaction, you can return it the same time it was delivered without worrying to pay for it. In case the delivery team has already left, you can log a complaint via customer support within 24 hours and they will get in touch with you to arrange a refund and resolve the issue.


Customer satisfaction with our products and services is equally important to us and one of our top priorities! Our helpful, positive and friendly customer support team always assures to increase their efforts in meeting customer expectations striving to earn loyal, returning customers.

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